カリキュラム - 地域の大学連携による国際キャリア開発プログラム

ホーム カリキュラム カリキュラム


International Career Seminar

開催日程・場所 受講者 / プログラム概要 / レポート提出








定 員:50名(先着順)

参加費:無料 ※ネットワーク通信料は自己負担となります。


     7月25日(木) 18:00~19:30 全体指導・
                   「International Career Seminar」分科会事前指導

<1日目> 9月21日 土曜日 9:30~17:50

午前  開講式/オリエンテーション/全体講義/グループディスカッション


午後  パネルトーク/趣旨説明/発表プレゼン方法説明/

<2日目> 9月28日 土曜日  8:30~18:30

午前  分科会Ⅱ(グループディスカッション、発表準備等)


午後  分科会Ⅲ/中間発表/発表準備

<3日目> 9月29日 日曜日 8:30~14:40

午前  発表準備/全体発表


午後  ふりかえり/意見交換/全体総括等/閉講式


International Careers Re-visited and Re-examined for Generation Z
講師:Shunsuke KURIHARA, Ph.D. 栗原 俊輔 氏
(宇都宮大学国際学部 准教授)

What is International Career for you? This three-day seminar is for all of us to learn from the Generation Z, our students! and try to find the common arena for all of us to work together in the international field. In this session, the participant students will be engaged and committed to show and expand their eager-to-learn attitude, while the lecturers will support the process with their expertise. Prior to the workgroup sessions, the students will be able to obtain and practice the practical ways of communication and learning style at the multi-cultural environment.

Kurihara Shunsuke earned a Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management from the School for International Training, USA, and a PhD in International Development from Yokohama National University. His professional career in the international development field includes; Regional Planning and Program Development Advisor(2012-2014)and Rehabilitation & Development Advisor(2009-2011)in Sri Lanka, under the JICA Expert Scheme, and Project Director(2003-2008), Program Officer (2001-2008) in Sri Lanka and Project Coordinator(2000-2001)in East Timor, CARE International.



分科会A:Advising Foreign Exporters about the Japanese Market
講師:Ritter DIAZ リッテル・ディアス  氏

This group session will introduce basic information on how to advise foreign exporters to sell their goods in the Japanese market. It will also provide a basic template to present a potential product to the manager of an international trade division in a multinational company.

Dr. Ritter Diaz served for almost 20 years at the Embassy of Panama in Japan as a Commercial Counsellor(1999-2014)and Ambassador(2014-2019). After exiting the diplomatic service in 2019, he became an international consultant between Japan and Latin America. He has also worked for the largest bank of Panama, Banco General as well as Panasonic Latin America. He received a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a Master Degree in International Political Economy from Tsukuba University and an Honorary Doctorate from Chiba University.

分科会B:Innovation Management in Disaster Risk Reduction:
     Art of Problem Analysis for Future Leaders
講師:Takeshi KOMINO  小美野 剛 氏
 CWS Japan 事務局長

This course explores a process of innovation management in disaster risk reduction field, particularly problem analysis, and see critical skills required in problem identification, search, and solution ideation. After conceptual lecture, the participants will engage in practical work.

Takeshi Komino is the General Secretary of CWS Japan. He also serves as Vice President and a member of Executive Committee for Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network(ADRRN), joint secretariat of Japan CSO Coalition for DRR(JCC-DRR), and NGO unit steering group member at Japan Platform(JPF). He graduated from Doshisha University, and holds Development Studies M.A. from Brandeis University.

分科会C:Exploring the Future of International Cooperation:
     Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities
講師:Sugit ARJON, Ph.D. スギット・アルジョン 氏
 宇都宮大学 国際学部 助教 

This session aims to deepen students' understanding of the future of international cooperation by addressing its challenges, opportunities, and the emerging trends shaping the landscape. Students will discuss the essential skills required to work in international cooperation and in the process, students will understand career opportunities in international career paths.

Sugit Arjon is an Assistant Professor at the School of International Studies, Utsunomiya University. His focus is on political science and specialises in the political dynamics in the post-conflict region. His research mainly on democratisation, state violence, security, political dynasty, and civil-military relations in the Southeast Asia region and specifically in Indonesia. Before working in academia, he has professional experience in high-level policymaking with the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia and the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

分科会D:Introduction to the Work of International Organizations
      ̶ from the Lens of a Mid-Career Aid Worker ̶
講師:Saki TOMITA 冨田 早紀 氏
 開発援助専門家 元IOM, The Global Fund等勤務

How do you picture the work of international organizations and building a career as a staff member? This group will provide an introduction to the work of the UN and other international organizations through the lens of a staff member. It will offer an overview of the ecosystem of international aid and the different functions within these organizations, with a particular focus on migration and policy-making.

Saki Tomita is an expert in international aid and migration policy with a 10-year experience in a think-tank and international organizations. After completing both her bachelor's and master's degrees in international relations, she started her career in a Japanese think-tank specializing in public policies. At 29, she began to develop her career in international organizations, including the International Organization for Migration (United Nations’Migration Agency) and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria(an ex-WHO health fund). She has extensive experience in policy-making, strategies, and evaluation in the international aid context. She grew up living in Japan, Algeria, Thailand, Australia, and France, and has worked in Japan and Switzerland.

分科会E:Fail Faster:
     Project-Building with Collaboration, Creativity, and Courage
講師:Gregory WOLF グレゴリー・ウルフ 氏
 Youth Theatre Japan Theatre Company Representative (劇団代表)

Create original ideas for art, business, or activism/non-profit projects and then transform them into realistic plans in order to “be a part of the people that make meaning, not the thing that is made”(quoting Barbie).

Gregory Wolf is a music and theatre teaching artist working in an international context. He is the public face of the 5,000-member group Youth Theatre Japan. As a creator, he led the development of 'wordplay', a commercially-profitable musical where children bring the alphabet to life and go on adventures learning about unity in diversity. As an educator, he has led or assisted with classes at institutions ranging from Japan Performing Arts High School to the Rikers Island Jail.

分科会F:Making Mistakes in Language Learning:
     The First Step to an International Career
講師:Takayuki KIMURA, Ph.D. 木村 崇是 氏
 宇都宮大学国際学部 助教

This session aims to help participants overcome psychological barriers to communicating in a second language. Since the language(learning)backgrounds of the participants vary widely, I encourage them to engage in active discussions regarding their views on second language learning. By the end of this workshop, participants are expected to feel more confident and comfortable actively communicating in a second language.

Takayuki Kimura is an Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Second Language Research at Utsunomiya University, where he conducts research on the acquisition of second languages, with a particular focus on the grammatical properties that pose challenges to learners. He has presented his findings at more than thirty international conferences to date and is currently engaged in research collaborations with faculty members from universities in the United Kingdom, China, and the United States.