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About the Faculty of International Studies

Aims of the Faculty of International Studies

In today’s world, globalization is here to stay with networking established beyond national boundaries in every facet of our lives.

In addition, we need to address many issues and challenges, such as environmental problems, population explosion, poverty and hunger, ethnic conflicts, and regional conflicts.

In order to effectively manage and resolve these and other issues and challenges, the Faculty of International Studies aims to create a new academic discipline of International Studies in collaboration with other sciences by going beyond the boundary of the traditional academic framework.

Managing Globalization

With internationalization and the advances in informatization in recent years, globalization is moving ahead rapidly.

Globalization produces many benefits, no doubt, but it causes an even larger disparity in wealth among nations, immigration problems, and regional conflicts in some cases. Culturally, globalization is standardizing many different cultural values in the world.

At the Faculty of International Studies, we will help students analyze social and cultural issues and challenges that stem from globalization and help students research different ways that the issues can be effectively managed and resolved.

Promoting Mutual Understanding and Harmonious Coexistence

Globalization aims to realize harmonious coexistence and co-prosperity among different nations, ethnic groups, and regions.

In reality, globalization is the cause of many conflicts around the world today. Underlying this unfortunate state of affairs is lack of understanding and prejudice towards different cultures and societies.

The Faculty of International Studies aims at the realization of mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence through international studies that will be pursued in organic linkage between a variety of other academic disciplines.

Admission Policy (Vision of Our Students and Basic Admission Policy)

We envision students who

Brochure of the Faculty of International Studies


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