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Entrance Examination for Privately Funded International Students

To register for the entrance examination 2010, please see the 2010 Admissions and University Guidebook and 2010 Application Guidebook for Self-Funded International Students (to be published early September 2010). You can find both of these guidebooks at the website of Utsunomiya University’s Admission Division.

Entrance Examination Procedure

Students will be selected through the screening of application documents, the entrance examination for Japanese university admission for international students conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization, and the entrance examination conducted by Utsunomiya University.

Entrance Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students Conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization

Required Examination Subjects: Japanese as a Foreign Language, Interdisciplinary Subjects, and Mathematics Course 1

Academic Achievement Test Conducted by Utsunomiya University


(Testing Time: 1 hour)
English skills will be tested by written examination in terms of reading comprehension ability, composition skills, grammar, and vocabulary. Students are expected to have English skills equivalent to at least Japanese high school English I and English II levels.

・Specific Testing Method

The English examination will consist of three to five questions.

・Focus of Evaluation

Students will be tested to see if they have sufficient English skills to undertake studies at the university level.

Short Essay

(Testing Time: 1 hour 30 minutes)
The short essay test is designed to test students’ overall comprehension ability, originality, general knowledge, logical thinking ability, composition skills and expressive writing skills, and Japanese (or English) proficiency.

・Specific Testing Method

Students will be asked to follow the instructions to a question and then write a short essay.  The short essay can be written in either Japanese or English (maximum 800 characters for a Japanese essay and maximum 600 words for an English essay).

・Focus of Evaluation

Students’ comprehension, ability to create original ideas by leveraging knowledge, ability to compose an essay based on logical thinking, and expressive writing skills in Japanese (or English) will be measured and evaluated through this short essay test.

The following is the question that was asked in the 2008 Short Essay Test (common to both departments):

Please select one of the following five statements, clarify your position either for or against the selected statement, and then describe your own opinion in a short essay (maximum: 800 characters, including punctuation marks, in Japanese and 600 words in English).

Interview Test

The interview test is designed to measure and evaluate students’ interest, knowledge, and ability to comprehend international social and cultural events, as well as their ability to comprehend, think, and express themselves.

・Specific Testing Method

 The whole interview will take approximately 10 minutes and will be in Japanese.  During the interview, students will be asked about their reasons for applying for admission, areas or problems of interest, and future plans,  among other topics.

・Focus of Evaluation

Students’ interest in international social and cultural events, ability to dive deeply into problems by leveraging their own knowledge, and the ability to express their opinions in a persuasive manner will be measured and evaluated through this interview.

Some Tips to Prepare for the Entrance Examination

Tuition and Scholarships


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