The Graduate School of International Studies, Utsunomiya University

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The Doctorate Program in International Studies aims at improving professional education in international affairs and at advancing the formation of a multicultural public sphere.
It is designed to foster leadership ability of students in clarifying issues, making plans, implementing ideas, and administration.
Features of Education Courses
1. Interdisciplinary study and research under the supervision of three advisors.

("Basic Seminar in International Studies" "Seminar in Research Methods for International Studies" "On-site Studies for International Studies")
2. Professional training in information collection, research and analysis.

Through internship and fieldwork in collaboration with international organizations, administrative agencies, and NGO's, students will be trained in information collection through multiple mediums, in comprehensive research, and in in-depth analysis.
("Basic Studies for International Studies" , "Seminar in Research Methods for International Studies", and "On-site Studies for International Studies").
3. Joint-studies between professors and students

The program fosters interdisciplinary discussion between professors and students and their cooperation to create a multicultural environment for research activities.
("Basic Seminar in International Studies")
4. A variety of learning opportunities

The program offers evening courses, Saturday courses, Sunday courses, and tele- communications.
It also gives students credits for "On-site Studies for International Studies" if they submit reports regarding their business experiences.
5. Supervision for students' finishing their dissertations in three years

Students will be directed to prepare their dissertations through three successive stages: a dissertation proposal, the first oral presentation, and the second oral presentation.
( "Special Studies", "Special StudiesⅡ", and "Special StudiesⅢ").

HOME > Doctoral Program / Outline

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